Saturday, July 30, 2005

Day 7 - Auburn to Cortland

Only had one beer last night, but it was still enough to wake me up early, around 4:30am. Activity around me had started by then, so I postponed until 5:30 and got up. Decided to skip breakfast, which was 1/2 mile in the wrong direction, and got started around 6:10am. Stopped at Hilltop Diner in Skaneateles, along with a couple of dozen others. It was an interesting mix of bikes and pickups, lycra and overalls. Had more blueberry pancakes than I could finish. Toured town for old-times sake - haven't been there in years - then down West Lake Road, or "Mansion Row". Some truly amazing estates down there. After that, the next 15-20 miles seemed like almost all uphill to the morning rest stop at 24 miles. After that, it was mostly downhill, with several annoying exceptions, to Cortland, where I arrived around 10am. I'm now at home, and starting to unpack and dry stuff out.

The numbers:
41.7 miles
Rolling time: 3:00:40
Elapsed time: ~4 hours
Average: 13.8 mph
Max: 31 mph

Total trip distance: 349.74 miles


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