Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Day 3 - Watkins Glen to Hammondsport

Slept pretty well again, but woke up to the sounds of truck traffic in the plant next door around 5am. Up and packed. Everybody else had the same idea about an early start to beat the heat, so the breakfast line at 5:45 was about a half-hour wait. I opted to skip it and grab something on the road instead. Left at 6:10, hit the top of the big climb out of town around 6:30. Grabbed an eclair and OJ at a convenience store before turning west up into the hills toward Keuka Lake. Stopped at a park in Penn Yan around 9am to adjust brakes that were inexplicably rubbing. The ride south on NY54 along Keuka Lake had a pretty strong headwind, but otherwise was very nice and gently rolling. Reached Hammondsport around 10:20 am, and the temperature was already 85 degrees. Staked out a spot with potential for late-day shade, and just hung out for awhile, since the luggage trucks weren't unloaded yet. Eventually, I helped them unload and got my bag and set everything up. Tonight's site is much more convenient to everything than last night's, a good thing if big storms threaten later. Had burgers in high-school cafeteria for lunch, and showered, just because it felt good. (I'll need another one about every 10 minutes.) Temperature was up to 94 as I walked into town to type this, and thunderstorms are likely from late afternoon on. Tonight, we're going on a dinner cruise on Keuka Lake (400+ people?) in air-conditioned comfort. Tomorrow is 63+ miles to Geneva, followed by a rest day or shorter local rides. Earlier thoughts about a 70-80 mile day around Canandaigua Lake on Thursday have all but evaporated at this point.

Will post more next time I find a library.

The numbers:
50.65 miles
Rolling time: 3:34:34
Elapsed time: 4:10
Average: 14.2 mph
Max: 39.6 mph


At Tuesday, July 26, 2005 3:25:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so then, now that you have climbed out of Watkins Glen from both directions, do you think we did it the right way? Or would you reverse course from our 2004 ride if doing it again? Stay dry ... if you need anything, i am only 1.5 hours away and will happily make my way to you, rain or shine .. holler, John

At Thursday, July 28, 2005 9:41:00 AM, Blogger Rich said...

I think this climb was more gradual, but maybe longer. If you go up the east side and take 79 (?), then that becomes a HUGE climb, but we turned left and followed the lake when we did it, so it wasn't as long.

Take a look at 54A to 76 out of Hammondsport, on the west side of the lake. That's been the worst hill to date.

Rain overnight, packed wet, but today is going well. Thanks for the offers.

Will update blog from Geneva - typing this from Penn Yan, but computer is booked very shortly, and I gotta get off.


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