Monday, July 25, 2005

Day 2 - Trumansburg to Watkins Glen

Minimal rain overnight, so all stuff is dry. In bed by 9, but Grass Roots Music Festival, VERY nearby, continued 'til past 10, followed by some noise-only fireworks. Slept pretty well, better than night before. Up and packed and had breakfast. School was HOT, and no pastries, so I didn't eat a whole lot, just some bacon and eggs and OJ (no coffee today!?!!?) On the road under cloudy and windy skies at 6:30 am. Stopped for apple turnover after 15 miles or so, to make up for lack of breakfast. Good roads, good ride, except for this bike seat - new one for next year, if not sooner. Reached both rest stops before they were even set up, so passed on by. Stopped for soda and a rest after LOOOONG uphill on 96A - good to get off the bike after 49 miles. Nice views over vineyards to Seneca Lake.

Then, mostly downhill into Watkins Glen, arriving around 11:00am. Luggage trucks were here, but not unloaded so I couldn't set up, so I caught up on this while I was waiting. Trucks unloaded while I was in the library, so I got all set up and just sat for awhile. I needed to satisfy my normal overexertion greasy cheeseburger craving, so I stopped at Savard's Family Restaurant (thanks, John!), then went to Seneca Lake Park and just sat in a cool shady windy place by the lake for a while. Temperature must be close to 90 and the sun is brutal, and the campsite has no shade whatsoever. The annex for my tent provides some shade, but it's still a pretty hot place to sit. Showered and went in the HS pool, which was a real treat.

Updated: Hung around until 4:30 dinner - air-conditioned cafeteria felt good. Temps hit 97 today, with 97-99 expected tomorrow, and ridiculous humidity to boot. Will be hitting the road EARLY tomorrow to try to beat the worst of it. Out for ice cream, called Holly, in bed by 9pm.

The numbers:
59.36 miles
Rolling time: 4:01:05
Elapsed time: 4:30
Average 14.8 mph
Max 36 mph


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