Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Update to Day 3 (Hammondsport)

After going to library, went back and sat in air-conditioned school hallway, downed some sodas, and read for awhile until dinner. As we 8 SWCers were meeting near the information trailer to walk to the boat, a pretty fierce downpour hit us for 5-10 minutes, and then stopped. Took umbrella to boat, fearing more of the same later. Food was so-so (buffet style for 400+), and air conditioning was way inadequate for the population of the boat. Ate quickly and went outside to somewhat cooler breeze. Big storm hit while we were out - big wind, waves, lightning and thunder - pretty neat to watch from the middle of it. Cruise seemed too long, and I was glad when it ended. Raining lightly as I walked back to the tent. Saw several others that had been flattened and tossed around by the storm. Mine was fine, but next time I'll try to avoid setting up under a floodlight. It's like daytime in here. In bed by 9pm, and will hope for the best.


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