Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I'm just starting to look forward to what needs to be done to make this tour successful, based on my experience of 2 years ago on the Cycling the Erie Canal 2003 tour. I'm pulling together packing lists, and making note of library locations for possible enroute updates to this blog as time allows. I'm looking at this tour as a dry run and prototype for a longer unsupported solo camping tour in 2006, and thinking of the logistics in those terms. What do I need to pack, where/how do I need to carry it, how would an unsupported tour be different, how do I keep in touch, etc.

The Erie Canal Tour in 2003 was very flat overall, and followed the towpath for much of the way. The route for this tour will be much more hilly, and will pass through many more small towns, since no off-road towpath is involved. The daily mileage will strongly encourage an easy pace, or otherwise show up early in camp and just laze around the next town. Wineries, swimming, and ice cream will all be on my daily to-do list.